Thursday, October 28, 2010

It Sounds a Bit Fishy To Me! Fish Oil vs Krill Oil

As a person who loves to scour the internet in search of as much health information as possible both for entertainment purposes but mostly in search of trying to get to the bottom of what is real and truthful, I find there to be a tremendous amount of information out there. I understand that even with my background and education in biology and human science just how challenging it must be for a person without advanced education and learning to figure out what is hype and what is truth.

I have several people and sources that I have found throughout the years whom I hold in high esteem and whose opinions and information I value greatly. This is from my repeated time-tested experience of finding high grade, no B.S. tell it like it is information from these sources over and over again. The first one I could ever remember was Dr. Joseph Mercola who started a truth about health information site almost 15 years ago. At that time he was a maverick and bucked the conventional approach to healthcare and the medical system in this county. But, as he grew in popularity so did his site and the costs that were involved in running it.

What happened next was a natural progression, he received so many inquiries about where people could find the products that he mentioned as superior or alternatives to what was being marketed from other sources that he chose to become a supplier. This primarily served as a means to pay for the rising costs he faced himself which ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Along the way something else happened, his business of selling products grew and grew and grew. To the point where most of the effort and energy was being put into creating what you see now when you go to mercola's website. Dr. Mercola has spent a lot of time and money investing in seminars and consultants who are the top internet marketers and in business. People like Jay Abraham, Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy and Joe Polish that rely on many different approaches towards increasing sales most often marketed as "tips, tricks and tactics."

In my opinion Mercola's website has changed significantly, from an incredible source of independent and objective data to one seemingly about bottom line sales. Don't get me wrong, there is still a tremendous amount of useful information on the site but it has become harder and harder to distinguish what is truly a factual piece of objective data and what is a small fact distorted to look to be a much larger truth. I find it hard pressed to think that it is not mostly about the money or the numbers for him. The general idea of what Mercola does is find what is called in the business a "unique selling proposition" and then market the crap out of it because nobody else has it or is doing it. Case in point Krill Oil.

For years holistic, natural healthcare providers have been touting the health benefits of cod liver and fish oil. I mean, for a really long time. For centuries it has been used for its health benefits firstly for animals and then with humans. A quick search on Google will give you lots of history about cod live and/or fish oil, maybe more than you care to know. I find that sort of thing quite interesting myself but the thing to take away is that we have been knowingly consuming fish oils for health benefits for several hundred years with large success even if at first anecdotal.

Earlier today I received a link from a friend that was about whether or not krill oil is better than fish oil for its health impact. This source was from one of my favorite people Dr James Chestnut. The first time I heard him speak I thought "where have you been all my chiropractic life?" James' salient and clear cut common sense information just plain ole' makes sense. The bottom line with most of James' articles and talks is that we ignore our natural selves our natural origins and our natural makeup. To a point our genes have not changed in 40,000 years and if we can honor our makeup as close as possible to what we ate, how we moved and the mental/emotional health we enjoyed then we can approach our optimal health. The more a person's lifestyle is incongruent with how the body works then the more we push our physiology towards working harder, getting out of balance and become unhealthy. That leads to ugly, early death which affects most people in our country.

James in his article clearly points out that there is no documented fact that that we have ever consumed krill in any way until present day. What does that mean you might ask, well simply put, I am a firm believer that our body works best in its most basic and natural state, the way it always has since the day we showed up on the planet. To me it doesnt matter how you believe humans showed up, by evolution or by design, it matters only that you understand that we have a genetic code and physiology that has operated the same way based upon our lifestyle for over 40,000 with very little change. To reach optimal health we have to get as close a lifestyle as possible to the ones that our ancestors had and in Dr. Chestnut's words "Eat well, Move well, Think well and be toxic free." This does not mean you have to chase gazelles and pick berries but it does mean you have to move regularly and it does mean you have to be aware of what you put in your mouth. This is much easier than what we have been lead to believe, but that is another story.

The scientific facts Dr Chestnut brings to life are great based upon clear cut evidence and also points that question some of the science behind Krill oil. The most powerful part of the evidence is that a normal healthy human requires EPA/DHA which is abundantly found in fish oil and not in krill. The case for Krill oil to me has a lot of sales, a lot of hype and some misdirected "evidence" which to me seems a little fishy. If you are like me and like great sources for health information you should become a friend of Dr Chestnut on Facebook and learn how to live a simple and healthy lifestyle. You can also come to hear one of our talks if you live in the Hinsdale, IL area.

Dr Lloyd Fielder DC