Monday, July 15, 2013

Obesity: What You Eat or Lack of Exercise? Choose Wisely?

I read many articles, studies, blogs, posts and other sources of information on health, humanity, physiology and on and on.  I an interesting article a few weeks ago in the Huffington Post that stated precidence from three similar studies.  In all three, participants had their body mass index or BMI measured as well as recording the answer to the question "which do think is the cause of obesity, diet or exercise?"  It was pretty apparent to researchers there is a link or association between the different groups.  The higher BMI group (bigger people} felt that lack of exercise was the cause for obesity while the lower BMI group (smaller people) thought the cause for obesity was from what people ate.

 They really cannot scientifically go into why this is so with this type of study but we can all speculate.  The easiest hypothesis is that if someone has the belief that what you eat has an impact on being obese than there is a greater likelyhood they will make different choices.  Similarly if someone feels eating is not the culprit as opposed to lack of exercise, they may not make any choices related to their weight with relation to food.  Thinking perhaps their weight is lack of exercise and they know they should do that more and if they did they would weigh less?  Again, this cannot be correlated directly to thinking something causes one to be heavier however more than likely it is a window to a fundemental non awareness or a dis connect to the impact of food and our weight.  Interesting study to say the least and perhaps something to get us to start thinking!!

Here is the Huffington Post article again if you missed the link above.